Argot - Myth Festival





Formed by Steve Mizek in 2012, Argot represents American talent and has releases by artists like Savile, The Black Madonna, Pittsburgh Track Authority, Olin, John Barera & Will Martin. Sister label Tasteful Nudes releases music from artists based outside America while Mizek’s label Northside ’82 is for releasing music by residents of Chicago’s legendary night club, Smart Bar – an elite group that includes Savile & Mizek.

This man runs some incredible record labels and is dedicated to the underground!! “When Steve gives you the green light, other people pay attention.” – the Black Madonna to Chicago Reader, 2015.

Savile is an established DJ and producer who, outside Argot, has released music on class labels like Freerange Records & Ninja Tune. We loved his record with Olin for Argot & his new tune ‘Spaced’ on Northside ’82 is a monster tune that we can’t stop playing.

Together, these two have established quite a dj rapport.

All session by Laurence Francis